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Illinois Health Care Reform Attorney

Lawyer for Accountable Care Organization and Care Coordination Implementation and Compliance

At The Vasudevan Law Office LLC, we have extensive knowledge of existing health care law and regulations, including those that implement Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACOs) and the Illinois Medicaid care coordination programs and its associated managed care entities (such as Care Coordination Entities [CCEs] and Managed Care Community Networks [MCCNs]). Mr. Vasudevan is well-versed in other aspects of health care reform legislation and he will work closely with you to determine the effects on your practice and to ensure that you are in compliance and that you are well-positioned to be economically competitive.

To arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced Illinois lawyer assisting with Accountable Care Organizations, and other health care reform issues, contact our office online or call us at 888-869-8834.

Dedicated Health Care Regulation Compliance Representation

We handle all aspects of health care law and advise clients on their rights and obligations. Whether dealing with new laws or with existing law and regulations, our firm can represent and advance the interests of your practice. We focus our attention in the area of reform legislation on a number of issues, including:

  • Payment reform
  • Care coordination

  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Illinois Medicaid care coordination program and its associated managed care entities, including Care Coordination Entities (CCEs) and Managed Care Community Networks (MCCNs)

  • Other types of managed care issues
  • Other health care law matters

ACO Lawyer

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are part of a Medicare-sponsored program that aims to restructure the delivery and payment of medical services in order to improve the quality of care and control the cost of providing services. Becoming part of an ACO makes a health care provider potentially eligible for Medicare bonuses and allows it to focus on providing appropriate, high-quality, and efficient health care.

For this reason, ACOs are cost-effective when implemented as part of a partnership or combined practice, providing an efficient, competitive edge to smaller mid-sized medical care providers.

The final rule governing ACOs went into effect in early 2012. Mr. Vasudevan has closely followed the development of these directives from the rules' initial conception, giving him unparalleled knowledge of ACO implementation and continued compliance with the ACO rules, and he has advised clients on all aspects of this new health care delivery model.

Care Coordination Attorney

The Illinois Medicaid program has put forth its own managed care initiative. The new Medicaid reform has resulted in the implementation of the rule that requires 50 percent of Medicaid users to be enrolled in care coordination programs by 2015. Here in Illinois, care coordination will be provided by a number of different managed care entities, such as Coordinated Care Entities (CCEs), Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and Managed Care Community Networks (MCCNs).

The new care coordination laws may have an impact on doctors and other health care providers, as they may be required to become involved in some CCEs when a patient is on Medicaid assistance. Since the law details that care coordination has to include risk-based payment arrangements related to outcomes of the medical services and care, evidence-based practices and the use of electronic medical records, some health care providers will be left trying to figure out how they can abide by these new laws.

Mr. Vasudevan is highly knowledgeable of the new care coordination laws. He has advised clients on the Illinois Medicaid care coordination program, and he can use his knowledge and experience to help you to understand how your practice will be affected by these new managed care initiatives, and to devise and implement the best solution.

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