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The Vasudevan Law Office LLC - Chicago Health Care Attorney
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Illinois Health Care and Insurance Compliance Lawyer

Helping Businesses and Employers With Health Care Issues

New and existing health care laws, including the Affordable Care Act, affect not only health care providers, but also many other types of businesses and employers, as they govern the way in which these firms can provide insurance coverage to their employees.

At The Vasudevan Law Office LLC, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of state and federal health care laws, rules and regulations. Mr. Vasudevan brings years of practice experience, a broad knowledge of health care law, and a commitment to providing personalized service to every client.

His breadth of understanding of even the minor facets of the laws is an asset to his clients, as it allows him to offer comprehensive representation that can address current challenges as well as prevent future entanglements from occurring. We work closely with all types of businesses that seek guidance how to comply with medical and health care regulations.

To ensure your business is in compliance with new state and federal health care and medical insurance laws, contact our office by e-mail or by calling us at 888-869-8834.

Health Care Advising From an Experienced Attorney

Businesses and employers who are not in the medical field may have a much more general understanding of health care laws and medical insurance issues. This can put them in a difficult position when it comes time for them to be in compliance with new state and federal mandates regarding health insurance.

In order to provide employees with any type of medical insurance coverage, it is important for businesses fully to understand the scope of their responsibilities. They need to know things like:

  • What does Illinois require that I provide?
  • What do federal laws require that I provide?
  • Is there any type of coverage I do not have to offer?
  • What does this mean for my business?
  • What happens if I am found to be not compliant with the laws?
  • What happens when the laws change?

After a thorough examining of your business and what your situation is regarding health care insurance, Mr. Vasudevan can answer to your questions, address your concerns, and thoroughly discuss the impact to your business.

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